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Detail of the beach
Detail of the beach
Surrounded by the sea on north and mountains on the south, Duba Pelješka is one of the pearls of the northern side of Pelješac peninsula. There is only one road that leads to the village (from Trpanj through Divna) - and this is the end of the road. The village itself is settled a couple of hundred meters away from the coast, yet the building up of villas west of the harbor, right by the beach got a recent boom.

The main attraction of Duba Pelješka is the approx. 500 meters long gravel beach stretching east of the harbor, in Desna Luka Bay. As the number of guests that the village can accommodate and the place is far from the main roads, saved from the crowds one can feel relaxed on Duba's beach. It's like that even if taking into consideration the eventual small boats bringing people on day trips from the mainland.

Besides the main beach west of the harbor, just below the newly built villas tiny beaches can be found. Jezero Beach is yet another option for those who prefer still more privacy and tranquility. Jezero Beach is approx. 1 kilometer walk away from the harbor, going west, with its 200 meters long, gravel coastline of Blace Bay and with a creek powered swamp is a unique place.

Being a small village, accommodation options are somewhat limited in Duba. Guests could either choose the small Camp Luka or take one of the private apartments offered for rent. Apartments are either in the old village or by the coast.

There is no grocery in Duba Pelješka, however, fresh bread and bakery products, vegetables and fruits can be ordered for daily delivery at the camp. The nearest groceries and shops are found in Trpanj.

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The 500 meters long beach of Desna Luka Bay
The 500 meters long beach of Desna Luka Bay

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